Resource Economics - Environmental Economics - Applied Economics


Selected Publications:

  1. "Land Use Patterns on Heirs’ Property in the American South" (with C. Michaud, S. Callahan, A. Keller, M. Williams, and S. Harakat). Applied Economic Perspectives and Policy, (2023) forthcoming.

  2. “Human-Induced earthquakes, risk salience, and housing values” (with C.A. Mothorpe). Resource and Energy Economics 63 (2021) 1-19.

  3. “The Impact of Variable Renewable Energy Resources on Power System Reliability” (with A. Harker-Steele and J.C. Bergstrom). Energy Policy 151 (2021) 1-17.

  4. “Power plant thermal efficiency as a regulatory mechanism: Implications for emission rates and levels” (with L.L. Kiesling). Energy Policy 134 (2019) 1-13.

  5. “A Top-Down Economic Efficiency Analysis of U.S. Household Energy Consumption” (with J.F. Madariaga). The Energy Journal 39 (2018) 1-30.

  6. “The Convergence of U.S. State-level Energy Intensity” (with J.F. Madariaga). Energy Economics 62 (2016) 357-370.

  7. “Club Convergence and Clustering of U.S. Energy-Related CO2 Emissions.” Resource and Energy Economics 46 (2016) 62-84.

  8. “Broadening Benefits from Natural Resource Extraction: Housing Values and Taxation of Natural Gas Wells as Property” (with J. Weber and I.M. Xiarchos). Journal of Policy Analysis and Management 35 (2016) 587-614.

  9. “A Spatial Panel Data Approach to Estimating U.S. State-Level Energy Emissions” (with J.C. Bergstrom and J. Dorfman). Energy Economics 40 (2013) 396-404.


I am an applied microeconomist working on issues at the intersection of conservation and agri-environmental economics. My research focuses on how people interact with the natural and built environment, and what human behavior reveals about the value of ecosystem services.

My interests include natural resource economics, causal inference, geographical analysis, machine learning, and applied econometrics.

Curriculum Vitae

Current Position and Professional Experience

2020-Present    Research Economist    Economic Research Service
2018-2020    Associate Professor    College of Charleston
2014-2018    Assistant Professor    College of Charleston
2011-2014    Assistant Professor    West Virginia University